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Is Your Retirement Plan in Compliance?


Fiduciary Responsibility




Over the last several years, the role of the Plan Fiduciary and his/her responsibilities to plan participants have drawn the most attention and scrutiny. 


We focus on assisting companies with fulfilling their fiduciary responsibilities and protecting them from DOL and IRS audits. We are involved in every process of the planning, implementation, and ongoing maintenance of our clients' retirement plans.  The result is a more efficient plan for both the Employer and Participants.


Consider the following questions about your company’s retirement plan:


Have your investment choices been reviewed annually by an investment professional?

Do you have a "manageable and repeatable process" in your annual review of your investments?

Are your employees knowledgeable with respect to investing?

Is your plan ERISA 404(c) compliant?

Do you have a reliable resource to answer questions concerning your 401(k)?

Do you maintain a written investment policy statement?


If you answered “no” to any of these questions, you may need a thorough Plan Review. 


We would welcome an opportunity to discuss your plan and offer advice to you. As an experienced professional in the 401(k) and Pension Plan arena, we will strive for excellence and offer you our own mission statement and a superior level of service.



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